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How to Ball Out with Beef on a Budget

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Many of us are looking for ways to stretch a dollar. In fact, 95% of U.S. shoppers state inflation is top of mind these days.* Stretching a dollar often means stretching a meal, but don’t worry, it’s still possible to host a dinner party without having to borrow cash from your more successful sibling. (You’re right, they always have been your parents’ favorite child. But you’re still the cooler one because your sibling is so painfully boring. We’re looking at you, Diane)

Beef is both affordable and versatile, so we wanted to share a few ideas on how you can still host at home without breaking the bank.


ground beef breakfast idea

1. Rethink your beef!

There are a million ways to turn elements of one delicious meal into a completely different meal for the next day.

For example, you can take hamburger patties from a cookout the night before and repurpose them for multiple breakfast options the next morning. Ideas include placing a patty on toasted bread, top it with a poached egg, and then drizzle your sauce of choice over it to create a beef Benedict. Or you can break up the patties and warm them in a skillet with potatoes and peppers to create a delicious beef hash.

The only limitation to beef leftovers is your own imagination, and we all know how creative you are—remember, your sibling is the boring one—so get to it!

2. Affordable cuts, still delicious!

Wagyu looking at me like that? (How that dad joke get in here? Moving on….) When it comes to beef, we all obviously enjoy the choicest cuts. But that doesn’t mean more economical options aren’t just as delicious.

For example, when it comes to hosting the ultimate Taco Tuesday, ribeye is the go-to baller option, and that’s totally fine. But skirt and flank steaks are budget-friendly options that can raise the quality of your meal far above the 3AM drive-thru tacos every single one of us is all too familiar with. And yes, once again, we’re looking at you, Diane!

Grill up some skirt steaks or a few flank steaks, cut them into strips, toss them into a tortilla, then dress that delicious beef with red cabbage, jalapeños (if you dig the spice), and a drizzle of chipotle aioli. Because an economic cut can become the star of a superior meal.

taco Tuesday? psh thats errday meme

3. Back that casserole up!

Odds are you’ve eaten your fair share of casseroles. But while the C-word has become synonymous with community hall basement banquets and dishes your aunt brings to holiday parties solely for you to avoid, they can actually be a deliciously affordable option when hosting friends and family.

There are a ton of yummy casserole recipes out there, but the basic components remain the same:

  1. a protein (beef, duh)
  2. a grain (rice, quinoa, etc.)
  3. a veggie (corn, peas, etc.)
  4. a sauce (creamy, cheesy, etc.) 

Some of our favorite budget-friendly beef-centric recipes include cheeseburger mac and cheese, beef cottage pies, and meatball casseroles for all you low-carb eaters out there. And no, we are not looking at you, Diane. Mostly because, like you, we’ve also destroyed our fair share of Olive Garden’s never-ending breadsticks. We feel your pain, Diane. We. Feel. Your. Pain.

Casseroles can feed an army, and they freeze extremely well for leftovers. So, host a big party, make a few pans, then be prepared to eat that same meal every day for the next four weeks. Squirrels hoard away nuts for the winter. Humans hoard away casseroles.

4. Netflix and chili!

Fact: You can put almost anything into chili, and it will be delicious. Apples? Yep. Coffee grounds? Oh yeah. Ice cream? Nope, that’s why we said almost anything.

Beef is a huge part—some may even argue the most important part—of chili, and literally any cut works in the mix. So go ahead and toss in some ground beef or chuck, or maybe even a few strips of skirt steak. Then, just dump in whatever else you have in your fridge or around your kitchen. The best beef chilis are born out of creativity, so feel free to ignore recipes and embrace that wiggle room and get weird with it.

Since chili is best when made in big batches, you can literally invite every single one of your friends over and host a large dinner party they’ll never forget. They’ll never forget it because you’ll have so much leftover chili by the time the party ends, you’ll have to send them all home with to-go bowls. And as we all know, nothing says great host like a person who sends their friends home with a bowl full of beans and beef.

For all you ballers and shot callers out there, remember, you can still be boujee with beef without breaking the bank. Haven’t gotten your fill of beef yet? Give us a follow on social to find more ways to live your best #BeefLife and join us in becoming an official Beefitarian.

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