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Bottom Round Roast

Picky Eater Pleaser

Primal: Round

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About This Cut

Picture a scrumptious roast beef, cut thinly, covered in flavorful sauce, and stacked on top of a freshly baked roll. Sounds like heaven, right? This cut of beef is a classic for a reason. It has fed a great many families over the years since it is both economical and packed with flavor. Just make sure to give it a little TLC by covering it in your secret spice blend and roasting it in dry heat, low and slow. You’ll get extra style points if you carve it thin table side.

Common Cooking Techniques


Price Point

*based on average price-per-pound

Primal Origin


Home to lean, inexpensive cuts that come from the rump and hind legs. The muscles in this area are used for movement, so the beef is leaner and less tender. Often sold as roasts, steaks for marinating or ground beef.