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Beefitarian™ is kicking off 2021 with a bang! Starting on May 28 (National Burger Day), we’ll be uniting beef enthusiasts everywhere with all-new recipes, social media contests, and plenty of swag. (Oh, and $15,000 worth of beef!).

What does it mean for you? For one, you can get a bunch of cool stuff for your store or restaurant, social media sharables, and recipes your customers will love. And, you’ll be able to help those in need and reach new customers!

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Beefitarian 2021: Get Hyped!

Here’s What’s in Store for Beefitarian 2021

  • Live cooking demos
  • City-inspired recipes for your shoppers to try
  • $15,000 of beef donated to one winning city
  • And, of course, our newly added TikTok campaign!

Benefits for Retailers and Restaurants

The Beefitarian campaign supports fresh beef category growth and creates unique, beef cooking experiences for consumers.

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Your Customers Love Beef!

71% of people identify as meat eaters

Beef sales grew 23.7% in 2020

America bought $11.8 billion in ground beef in 2020

Source: Power of Meat 2021 Study

More about Beefitarian

Want to know more about what we do? Get your questions answered below!

What is (a) Beefitarian?

Great question! A Beefitarian is, quite simply, someone who lives for beef! A Beefitarian will eat beef at any opportunity and in any form because they love it so much (learn more here).

Beefitarian (the organization) is sponsored by JBS Foods and is a resource for Beefitarians far and wide who want to learn more about beef, its nutritional benefits, and how to prepare it.

What did Beefitarian’s 2020 campaign include?

Much like 2021, Beefitarian 2020 centered on building excitement around beef and helping those in need by partnering with influencers, sponsoring the Burgers & Beats contest in Nashville, Tennessee, and donating the equivalent of 12,000 meals to The Nashville Food Project. Learn more about the results in the video above!

How will Beefitarian help me reach more customers?

In addition to inducing beef cravings everywhere with mouthwatering reminders of beef and its awesomeness, the Beefitarian campaign supports fresh beef category growth and creates unique, beef cooking experiences for consumers.

How does Beefitarian decide on an organization to donate to?

Beefitarian looks for local hunger relief organizations that can help fill the greatest need in their communities.

What were the results of Beefitarian 2020?

6.6 million impressions, 14 media placements (with a potential reach of 17.7 million!), 1,700 pounds of beef donated, and countless happy Beefitarians! (To name a few!)

How does Beefitarian find and vet influencers?

Beefitarian works closely with experts in finding influencers with whom your customers will best connect and who can inspire confidence in beef preparation and interest in trying new beef dishes. We use a thorough vetting process to ensure quality, on-brand content.

How do I become a retail or foodservice partner of Beefitarian?

Contact us using the form below!

Where can I find more information about Beefitarian?

Get in touch, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube, or visit our consumer site, www.beefitarian.com.

A big thank you to JBS USA for the donation of more than 1,700 pounds of ground beef! It will be incorporated into thousands of nourishing meals in our community such as the Shepherd’s Pie Brent makes here—loaded with colorful vegetables, layered with lean beef, and topped with potatoes. Thank you for supporting our mission and #communityfood, JBS!

— egram via @thenashvillefoodproject

“These donations have helped us in more ways than one. While the beef donation aided in providing tangible meals to our community meal partners, the monetary donation of $10,000 has given us the funds to grow, cook, and share by supporting the cost of supplies, fuel for our transportation methods, and materials for our various garden efforts.”

— Teri Sloan, The Nashville Food Project Development Director

“Nashville can sing a little louder thanks to organizations like the @nashvillefoodproject … We are so excited to be able to fund their mission by donating 1,752 pounds of beef.”

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