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Ropa Vieja made from shredded flank steak

Six Beef Soups and Stews from Around the World You Need to Try

With cozy season in full swing, there are just a few things you need—a thick blanket (check), a stocked Netflix queue (double check), and a steaming bowl of something comforting

plate of affordable cuts of beef

How to Cook with Affordable Cuts of Beef

If you’ve been cooking with ground beef to save some dough, you can absolutely keep doing that (we love burgers, meatballs, and all the other delicious things you can make

Budget-friendly beef dinner party

How to Ball Out with Beef on a Budget

Many of us are looking for ways to stretch a dollar. In fact, 95% of U.S. shoppers state inflation is top of mind these days.* Stretching a dollar often means

cheesesteak sandwhich

10 Regional Beef Sandwiches You Have to Try

The best thing since sliced bread? Adding beef and making a tasty sandwich. Different regions and cities in the U.S. have their own takes on beef handhelds, whether that’s using

entertaining with beef and beef ragu

The Ultimate Ragù: Beef Lovers’ Most Versatile Recipe

You’re having friends over and don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen. You got home from work hangry and are agonizing over whether you’ll eat the food in

What Burger Are You? Take Beefitarian’s Quiz

We know the thoughts that keep you up at night: I’m craving a burger. What’s the best burger? What burger am I? I’m still hungry… Take our one-of-a-kind quiz to

favorite steak sauces

Can You Guess Which Steak Sauce Americans Love the Most?

Don’t fret, this isn’t clickbait. We’re about to get lost in the sauce(s). We surveyed 2,000* Americans to find out which sauce is their steak soulmate, and the results are

beef favorites by region

Which Part of the U.S. Eats the Most Beef?

We’re 100% biased, but beef is the universal food language. In Germany, folks love Rouladen, in France, classy people eat beef bourguignon, and in Japan there’s nothing as good as

easy beef fajita skewers

America’s Top Three Beef Cooking Methods

By Lauren Twigge, MCN, RDN, LD Wouldn’t dinnertime be a breeze if putting a meal on the table was as easy as one, two, three? You could microwave your meal

4 Fail-Safe Tips for Preparing Beef

Fail-Safe Tips for Preparing Beef Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt nervous cooking beef for your friends or family. You’re not alone! It’s possible that you’ve been operating under

Top Air Fryers & How to Air Fry Beef

Air Fryers 101: Beef Up Your Knowledge We’ve all heard about them … air fryers are the latest and greatest in fast and easy meal prep. Cooking anything from Brussel

Beef and Beer: A Beefitarian’s Bold Blend

What’s better than a cold glass of beer or a flavorful, juicy cut of beef? As Joey Tribbiani from “Friends” famously states, “Put your hands together.” Enjoy the best of

beef survey how'd you like that cooked

Would you end a friendship or relationship over steak preferences?

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey* of 2,000 people to dive into America’s beef eating habits. The results are in (and were featured on websites all over the internet,

beef part of balanced plate

Beef – The Perfect Protein for A Balanced Plate

By Nicole Rodriguez, RDN, NASM-CPT Given its versatility and flavor, it’s easy to see – or should I say, taste – why we LOVE beef. But there’s more to love

would you date someone that likes their steak done different than you

Would you date someone who likes their steak done differently than you?

Research conducted by Beefitarian and SWNS shows that over 53% of Americans say that they would not date someone who likes their steak done differently than them.

beefitarian donates 15k worth of beeth to hope for hunger in phoenix

Beefitarian Donates $15,000 Worth of Beef to Winner of its City Showdown

Hope for Hunger Food Bank – Phoenix Rescue Mission voted winner among five cities in online contest GREELEY, Colo., July 13, 2021 – Beefitarian™, a campaign celebrating beef and uniting

how to become a bbq pit boss - cutting beef on wood block

Beefitarians and Meatatarians Unite – Sharing the Love of Beef

Being a Meatatarian is great; but you know what’s even better? Being a Meatatarian AND Beefitarian. Meatatarians love all meat, including chicken, pork, and beef. A Beefitarian’s diet is primarily

cooking for the in-laws

Beef Cooking Tips to Impress the In-Laws

Is there anything more terrifying than hearing your S.O. mutter the phrase “My parents are coming over for dinner next week?” No? We didn’t think so. But there’s no need

casual cookout tips - easy grilling ideas

Casual Cookout Tips: Easy Grilling Ideas for Your Next Backyard BBQ

Sunshine, warm weather, and the smell of a hot grill are three of our favorite things. But what’s on that grill is really what tops them all: beef. If you’re

how to become a bbq pit boss - cutting beef on wood block

How to Become a BBQ Pit Boss: Smoked Beef Tips Everyone Will Love

So, you want to become a BBQ pit boss. You’ve decided to buy a smoker and leave the amateurs behind to embrace the life you feel destined for. Now it’s

cooking for your date - date night recipe ideas

What to Cook for Your Date: Swoon-Worthy Recipes for Date Night

As they say, the way to the heart is through the stomach. What better way to sweep your date off their feet than by preparing a lovely meal? Showing off

beginners guide to meal prepping with beef and vegetables

The Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prep: Beef Edition

You just got home from work, you’re starving, and you’re doing the ole ‘fridge stand-off’ waiting for ingredients to magically appear so you can transform them into a tasty meal.

what to do with leftover steak

What Should You Do with Leftover Steak?

So, you’ve cooked up some smoky-sweet tenderloin filets or reverse sear-strip steaks when you were hangry, and now you have a bunch of leftover steak and random ingredients on your

beefitarian girls - beefitarian t-shirt - reasons to be a beefitarian

The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Beefitarian

We Beefitarians know there is nothing finer than a perfectly cooked beef burger, steak, or stew. Between beef’s mouth-watering flavor, the multitude of ways to dish it up, and how

tiktok and instagram worthy burgers and beef hacks

Social media steaks, hamburger hacks, and other TikTok tricks

Raise your hand if you saw a video on TikTok or Instagram and immediately tried the tortilla toaster trick or made that sliced bread breakfast sandwich that folds itself into

Beef Facts: More than just a delicious meal

Being the true Beefitarians we are, we can’t stop daydreaming about that picturesque steak when we hear the word “beef.” And don’t forget about those burgers, and those roasts, and

How to Cook a Steak

How to Cut a Steak

Sirloin Teriyaki Stir-Fry

JBS USA Partners with Nashville Food Project to Alleviate Hunger in City

GREELEY, Colo., June 24, 2020 – In partnership with The Nashville Food Project, JBS USA, an American-based food company, seeks to reignite a passion for food and unite beef lovers

Steak 3 Ways: How to Make Ribeye Kabobs

Savvy at the Supermarket: How to Buy Beef Like a Pro

You’re the first to order steak at a restaurant but at the butcher counter or meat case, anything beyond ground beef has you wondering just where to start. Hey, you’re

Dine on a Dime: Steak Stir Fry Recipe

Your Beef’s Story: Because our favorite meal has a unique beginning

Beefitarians are a rare kind of people (though some prefer medium rare). We love all things beef, but we are also rather particular about it. Some may say obsessive. We

Reverse-Sear Strip Steak

The Delicious Glossary of All Things Beef

You can learn pretty much anything from the internet these days. Or at least compile enough knowledge to do some damage. But sifting through pages of Google searches to try

Beef Basics: How to Make a Steak Salad With Just a Few Ingredients

Calling all Nashville Beefitarians: Burgers and Beats Contest is Right Around the Corner

Beefitarian™ a campaign that celebrates beef and unites beef lovers, is hosting their first ever Burgers and Beats challenge from July 20-30 in an effort to raise up to $10,000

Steak 3 Ways: How to Make a Ribeye Breakfast Burrito

Steak 3 Ways: How to Make Ribeye Steak for Dinner

Beef Steak prepared with Sous Vide cooking method

Sous Vide Steak, Demystified

Let’s set the scene—you go to a restaurant, pick out a delectable-sounding dish featuring an exceptional Prime-grade New York Strip. It arrives at your table, you slice through the caramelized

beef labels and how to read them

The Name Game: Beef Label Guide

There are a lot of different cuts of beef, and for Pete’s sake, how are you supposed to remember them all? It seems almost impossible, since there are 60 different

horizontal strip steak in skillet

Savor the Celebration: 8 Easy Ways to Elevate a New York Strip

Santa Clause is still comin’ to town, but your aunt might be stayin’ home. This year, holiday celebrations might be smaller, more intimate gatherings as we take COVID-19 precautions. But

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