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Giving back has never tasted so darn good

We’ve partnered with local #beefitarians and The Nashville Food Project to bring you a showdown of mouthwatering recipes inspired by the music of Nashville. Which burger’s the best in all of Music City? Their fate is in your hands.

For every vote, we'll donate $1, up to $10,000, to The Nashville Food Project, so don’t forget to vote daily. The more votes, the more dollars!

Voting is open from July 20th through July 30th.

Farm Burger

By: The Nashville Food Project

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Balsamic Flat Iron Steak Sandwich with Grilled Peaches

By: Whitney Reist

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Take Me Back to Nashville Burger

By: Kyle Boen

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Spicy Short Rib Burger

By: Phillip Fryman

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‘Craving You’ Sirloin Burger

By: Ari Richman & Marisa Goldstein

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The Black and Bleubird Burger

By: Michelle Robinson

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Brisket Burgers with Comeback Cabbage Slaw

By: Karman Meyer

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Jake Owen Beachin’ Burger

By: Coti Howell

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After much observation of beefitarians in their natural habitat, we have learned that their social structure is a strong one. (The previous sentence must be said with an Australian accent for optimal effect.) So share our delicious contest with your crew and play a part in giving back to those right here in your community!

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Giving back to Nashville

The Nashville Food Project is dedicated to bringing local communities together to grow, cook, and share nourishing food in order to alleviate hunger within local communities.

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Do It Like Dolly

Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, and make up a burger that’s bound to be an inspiration. Show us your own beat-inspired burger on social and tag your #burgerbuddy to do the same.


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