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Beef and Beer: A Beefitarian’s Bold Blend

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What’s better than a cold glass of beer or a flavorful, juicy cut of beef? As Joey Tribbiani from “Friends” famously states, “Put your hands together.” Enjoy the best of both worlds with beer and beef for your next meal!

Based on research we conducted earlier this year in partnership with SWNS, 29% of Beefitarians prefer to drink beer with their steak. This fun fact inspired us to craft a list of beef-related beers (only by name, of course), that we found to be a great match with some delicious cuts.

Beefy Beer Names

  1. Pit Boss (Wisconsin Brewing Company)

Named after a brand of grill, Pit Boss is a limited release Amber Bock beer with caramel and chocolate malts blended to create a rich yet mellow beverage.

Recommendation: Pair Pit Boss with a Prime Rib—the rich flavor of the prime rib is complimented by the dark, roasted nature of the Amber Bock.

  1. Apocalypse Cow (3 Floyds Brewing Company)

As described by 3 Floyds, Apocalypse Cow is “a beer of udder destruction!” This unique double India Pale Ale features a citrus and floral hop aroma balanced by a velvety malt body elevated with lactose milk sugar.

Recommendation: Drink Apocalypse Cow with Brisket—IPA helps cut into the richness of the brisket, creating a smooth and refreshing balance.

  1. Spotted Cow (New Glarus Brewing)

You’ve probably seen the infamous label of a cow leaping over the state of Wisconsin. If you haven’t, look it up now (we’ll wait…) Spotted Cow is a farmhouse ale that’s fun, fruity, and satisfying for adults to enjoy. Per New Glarus, “you know you’re in Wisconsin when you see the Spotted Cow.”

Recommendation: Sip Spotted Cow with a Burger—the juicy flavors from the burger and its accompanying toppings go hand-in-hand with this refreshing, light beer.

  1. Colette Farmhouse Ale (Great Divide Brewing Company)

When we first saw Colette, we did a double take thinking it was Coulotte (a top sirloin cut of beef.) After recovering from our disappointment, we decided to include it on our list as an honorable mention! Colette is a farmhouse ale with a fruity and slightly tart taste, with a dry finish that makes for a refreshing drink.

Recommendation: Enjoy Colette with a Filet Mignon—known for its tenderness, this steak and the slightly tart flavor of the farmhouse ale compliments each savory bite and cleanses the palate.

  1. Prairie Grass (Hairy Cow Brewing Company)

We believe the names of the beer and brewing company create a perfect, awesome duo. A light, clean, and crisp beer, Prairie Grass is described as a hybrid between an Ale and a Lager, using all German-sourced ingredients with a clear and pale gold appearance.

Recommendation: Try Prairie Grass with a Top Sirloin–the ale/lager hybrid won’t overpower the hearty top sirloin and will provide a flawless contrast.

  1. Cow Tippah (Remedy Brewing Company)

Even though we highly recommend never tipping a cow, we chuckled at the name of this fall/winter seasonal beer. Cow Tippah is a chocolate milk stout that brings you back to the memories of devouring a chocolate bar.

Recommendation: Slurp Cow Tippah with a Ribeye Steak—the robust nature of a stout, especially with chocolate, provides a great contrast to the steak and creates an unforgettable experience.

For more great ideas, check out our delicious beef recipes, fun beef facts, and tips for buying beef. All this and more on the Beefitarian website.


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