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Beefitarians and Meatatarians Unite – Sharing the Love of Beef

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Being a Meatatarian is great; but you know what’s even better? Being a Meatatarian AND Beefitarian.

Meatatarians love all meat, including chicken, pork, and beef. A Beefitarian’s diet is primarily made up of the best food in the world: beef. That means Beefitarians sink their teeth into mouth-watering-inducing, savory, delicious beef multiple times a day. Those lucky ducks.

Here, we’ll provide you with some awesome, easy-to-follow recipes and tips that will serve as proof that being both a Meatatarian and Beefitarian is best.

Recipes You’ll Love

Here’s how to add other proteins into a beef-packed diet so you can proudly identify as both a Meatatarian and Beefitarian.

Bacon Burgers

Add some delicious bacon to that burger and you got both a Meatatarian and Beefitarian fave! Check out our Take Me Back to Nashville Burger, which pairs eight slices of bacon with ground sirloin burgers cooked in whiskey, cola, and Worcestershire sauce. Top with a sweet and tangy sauce and you have yourself a winner.

bacon burger

Charcuterie Boards

Need something that doesn’t only look great but also has a great combination of delicious flavors? Then look no further than a charcuterie board. Pair some cured meats like salami and prosciutto with bresaola or Cecina and beef jerky. And don’t forget the cheese; we recommend blue cheese, brie, asiago, and a smoky gouda.

charcuterie board with beef

Ribeye & Bacon Skewers

Add some thick-cut bacon to our Korean BBQ Skewers and you’ll add even more delicious flavor to those bell peppers, onions, and cubed ribeye. These don’t only look beautiful; they taste fantastic, too.

ribeye skewers

Flat-Iron Steak & Prosciutto Sandwich

Ready to take that steak sandwich to the next level? Add a healthy portion of prosciutto to our Balsamic Flat Iron Steak Sandwich with Grilled Peaches and take your palate on a wild ride. Your guests (that is, if you decide to invite anyone over and share), will be begging for more.

flat iron steak burger

BBQ Platters

BBQ platters also combine the best of both worlds: savory steaks, burgers, and other slabs of delicious beef with hot dogs, sausages, and other mouthwatering meats. To get things started off on the right foot, we recommend you try out our simple, coffee-crusted beef tenderloin or the Nashville-style hot beef brisket.

cheesy barbecue platter

Be a Meatatarian AND Beefitarian

As you can see, it’s awesome to be a Meatatarian AND a Beefitarian. There are so many ways to enjoy and share your favorite meats, which can complement each other nicely in meals like these.

We created Beefitarian as a platform for beef lovers to connect and share their love of beef, while using it as a resource to educate consumers about how to buy beef like a pro, cooking beef, recipes for beef, nutritional information about beef, fun videos, and more.

Check out more information—like our glossary on all things beef—on the Beefitarian website, follow us on social media, and ultimately, buy more beef!

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