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Would you end a friendship or relationship over steak preferences?

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Earlier this year, we conducted a survey* of 2,000 people to dive into America’s beef eating habits. The results are in (and were featured on websites all over the internet, we see you People Magazine), and we discovered some premium facts and savory statistics on beef-eating habits from across the nation. Learn about your fellow Beefitarians and enjoy these flavorful bites of information!

How Do Americans Prefer Their Steak Cooked?

To start, most Americans enjoy their steak medium or medium rare (32 percent for each category). Then, rare is at 15 percent, medium well at 11 percent, and well done at 10 percent.

survey result showing most americans like their steak medium or medium rare

Which Region is Most Likely to Handle the Grill?

Want a beefier stat? At 73 percent, Midwestern beef lovers are the most likely to handle the grill. To follow is Southerners at 60 percent, Northeasterners at 59 percent, and Westerners at 55 percent. Are you willing to hand over the apron and let someone else prepare your steak?

survey result showing midwesterners are most likely to handle the grill

Would You Date or Judge Someone Based on their Steak Preferences?

It gets juicier! 53 percent of respondents say they wouldn’t date someone with different steak preferences! And 50 percent judge other people for liking steak prepared in a different way than them. (We like all steak so definitely not a deal breaker for us.)

survey showing people judge others for liking steak prepared differently

Which Region is the Most Judgmental of Steak Choices?

The Northeast tops the list at 59 percent! Right behind is the South at 52 percent, the Midwest at 46 percent and the West at 42 percent. At Beefitarian, we don’t judge how you cook your steak (unless you don’t cook it at all, then yikes!)

survey result showing people from northeast are most judgmental of others steak choices

The most consuming beef lovers?

Again, the Northeast reigns supreme, devouring around 16 ounces of beef per month! In comparison, the South eats 13 ounces, the West eats 11 ounces, and the Midwest eats 10 ounces. Here at Beefitarian, we would definitely take the crown on this one. C’mon, let’s eat more beef!

steak consumption portion by region

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*Survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of JBS USA.

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