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Beefitarians crave beef. We daydream about it. We buy it. We order it. We grill it. And, we don’t like sharing it because, let’s face it, nothing satisfies quite like beef. We will eat beef at every opportunity and in any form because of its insane amount of flavor.

You’ve finally found your people. Let’s do this, my band of beef brothers and sisters!

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*Cue 90s infomercial soundtrack* Post a pic of you and your crew enjoying beef on Instagram, tag us with @beefitarian, and we will put you on this here website. Neat, huh?

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Grass fed. Natural. Dry aged. Beef lingo’s been hitting menus hard. And with a quick primer, you can navigate it like a boss. Belly up to the butcher counter with the know-how needed to order the exact cut you want.

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Nourish your body

Hey, nobody’s hating on kale here. But we are about to bust a pretty big myth. Eating healthy food doesn’t have to feel like some sort of dare. Beef is packed with a whole lot of good stuff like protein and 14 essential nutrients. And you already know it’s packed with a lot of flavor. So major win-win.

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If you’re feeling this site, there’s good news: You already are a Beefitarian. No membership dues or fancy handshake required. Take it to the next level. Show off your beef creations using the hashtag #beefitarian. Even if it is peanut butter on steak. (Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.)

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